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United Nation Attacks the Catholic Church

The United Nations issues a recent report telling the Vatican to change its stance on abortion, contraception, and homosexuality. Here are a few of excerpts of the United Nations report:

The Committee urges the Holy See to review its position on abortion which places obvious risks on the life and health of pregnant girls and to amend Canon 1398 relating to abortion with a view to identifying circumstances under which access to abortion services can be permitted.


[T]he Committee is concerned about the Holy See’s past statements and declarations on homosexuality which contribute to the social stigmatization of and violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender adolescents and children raised by same sex couples.

The Committee recommends that the Holy See bring all its laws and regulations, as well as its policies and practices, in conformity with article 2 of the Convention and promptly abolish the discriminatory classification of children bornout of wedlock as illegitimate children. The Committee also urges the Holy See to make full use of its moral authority to condemn all forms of harassment, discrimination or violence against children based on their sexual orientation or the sexual orientation of their parents and to support efforts at international level for the decriminalisation of homosexuality.


The Committee is seriously concerned about the negative consequences of the Holy See’s position and practices of denying adolescents’ access to contraception, as well as tosexual and reproductive health and information.

So basically, the United Nations is telling the Catholic Church to change its teachings on moral issues. The United Nations actually thinks its taking the high moral ground by promoting the killing of children, encouraging disordered gay relationships, and preventing the births of babies. The UN condemns the Bride of Christ (the Catholic Church) for proclaiming the truth! This is an example of what happens when Catholics do nothing. Next time someone brings up the subject of abortion, homosexual relationships, and contraception LET THEM KNOW THE TRUTH and tell them that these evils come from satan himself. In fact, do not wait for people to bring up the subject, you bring it up! Do not be ashamed of being a Christian, be bold. You and I will stand before God one day, I do not know about you, but I do not want to tell God I was too scared to loudly preach His truth.